Toxic Bamboo

Toxic Bamboo

Toxic Bamboo, Why We are Making the switch to just Hemp and Organic Cotton.

For a long while now we have been striving to present a great range of eco friendly fabric options to our customers here at the Hemp Store.

Hemp of course is our number one go to for Textile choice for many reasons, mainly for it’s strength and durability, and speedy cultivation that requires no pesticides.

However we have been encouraging and promoting Bamboo for a long while now as our second go to, yet we are feeling very strongly now that moving back towards Organic Cotton is where our hearts are more content.

Bamboo, although extremely sustainable in it’s growth, again fast growing and requiring no pesticides, is in fact not as eco as we believe it to be. In order to transform this extremely tough plant into the beautiful soft fabric we all love to wear, harsh chemicals are required in dissolving the bamboo viscose to produce a fibre that is ready for spinning.

More specifically the Chemical of concern is called carbon disulphide, which is highly toxic for anyone who comes into contact with it, namely the workers that are dissolving the bamboo in it to produce the so called eco friendly fabric we are all so fond of. The other eco concern is that the aquatic life is in danger when the Chemicals are are released into the water system, and I don’t know about you but I don’t feel very eco conscious about supporting such methods.

Organic Cotton is definitely the next fabric to look at after Hemp.

Cotton is also fast growing, though perhaps just not as fast. It is unfortunately not very pest resistant however and requires a lot of water to cultivate. Yet when grown organically, it is absolutely a much greener option than Bamboo as it needs to chemicals to convert into fabric. It also takes to Low Impact Dyes well, and as we have found out more recently it  is also great for taking to clay dying!!!

Cotton is the second strongest natural fibre on the market, and while Hemp is slowly coming back into the clothing industry, we are more than happy to support Organic Cotton clothing and also blends of Hemp and Organic Cotton with a big smile on our faces.

Check out some of our new supplies of Hemp and Organic Cotton here on our site. “Hemp Gallery” Hemp & Organic Cotton Sheet Sets, “Earth Creations” for Men’s, Women’s and Kids clothing, and also keep an eye out for some new Mens Hemp and Organic Cotton wear from the brand “Satori” coming soon.

We are proudly moving towards finding the most sustainable and eco friendly solutions available here in Australia, and we thank you for supporting us with our mission. We also encourage our suppliers and fellow stockists to take this stand with us so we can have a greener future without the need for harsh chemical processing.

In the meantime we will be clearing the remaining bamboo socks and clothing out at discounted prices so please take a look at our site or drop into our retail store.

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