Harvey’s Hemp Mylk

Harvey’s Hemp Mylk


Get creative with your milk source.

In our family we are passionate about all things health, which lucky for us includes our favourite nutritious seed. Hemp seeds and leaves can be used in so many ways from Hemp teas, to Hemp Cheese. We love how creative we can get in our kitchen with the simple base of just the Hemp Plant.

Today though, I want to talk about Hemp Mylk… yummy!!!

It  has been a favourite in our family for many years now and we thought that it was about time that everyone got the scope on the wonderful benefits, nutritionally and deliciously, of adding this into our daily ritual in awesome food and beverage style.

Hemp Mylk has a unique taste, that for some reason tastes different to everyone I have shared it with. I always say that it has a earthy/nutty taste to it, as a best example, but I have also had people say that it tastes  like walnuts, pine nuts and kale, just to name a few, and anyone who has tried those 3 foods knows that they don’t exactly taste alike.

We sweeten ours with vanilla, and evaporated coconut water and love the flavour of the cinnamon to complement. It is a thoughrally enjoyable food experience which can be used as a base for your smoothie, coffee, chai or HC and is also great in cereals, porridge, curries, pretty well anywehere that you would use dairy or coconut milk, and with it’s versatile flavour range, we pretty much can’t go wrong.

Nutritionally, it is another way to get the wondrous essential fatty acids that everybody’s body needs, on a daily basis. Not to mention an extra protein punch, containing all essential amino acids, zero Cholesterol and vitamins A, B12, E & D, Folic Acid. Magnesium, zinc and Iron. What can I say other than it definitely can only do you good.

And for anyone new to the idea of adding Hemp Seeds into your diet, no you can not get high from eating this as a food. The amount of THC that can be found in this remarkable food source is too minuscule to even mention, and after consuming it for many years now and giving it to my children from birth, I can safely vow that it can do you no harm.

So there you have it, another health, super awesome food that can be added simply to your diet everyday in so many ways. Check out our website, harveyshemp.com for some great recipes to get you started, along with our favourite Hemp Milk recipe.

Keep an eye on our website for the launch of Harvey’s Hemp Mylk, which will be avaialbale very soon, for an easy 3 step milk making experience made with love.


  1. Veronica tobias says:

    Hi can I get some off the milk
    I can buy in bulk

    • Hemp Store says:

      Absolutely. We would love to share this product!!!
      We have been held up a lot longer than we thought with designing labels and getting packaging sorted.
      Please email us your details at hempstoreaustralia@gmail.com if you are still interested and we can talk further.

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