Cool Trivia About Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is quite a popular material these days; promoted as the eco-friendlier alternative to paper made from trees, more and more people are making the switch to it — that would be their bit to help ailing Mother Nature. But aside from that, hemp paper has always been a star product – long before […]

Hemp Clothing – Fashion’s Future – Stylish And Sustainable

Few things you might want to know about the hemp plant. One, it’s been used for thousands of years for oil, food, fabric, and more. Two, it contains all the essential fatty acids and amino acids your body will need. Three, it doesn’t have the active chemicals (i.e., it’s low in THC) that will cause […]

Top 11 Celebrity Hemp Endorsements

Ok, here it is.. my long awaited “Top 11 Hemp-lebrities” #11. Lesser known Canadian figure skating champ Patrick Chan talks about his breakfast of champions which naturally includes Hemp Seeds – Jan 2012 – See more…. #10. American vegan and Tour de France rider David Zabriskie makes history by becoming the only vegan to ride the gruelling cycling race. His secret?? A […]

Hemp Store Happenings…..

Happy days here at the Hemp Store. Our retail shop is bursting at the seams with the arrival of all our summer clothing and heaps of fair trade goodies.. just in time for Christmas. We are also super pumped to have received fresh stocks of beautiful Organic Canadian Shelled Hemp Seeds. We would like to thank all of […]

Hemp: The Great Potential From Health To Business

Hemp is indeed one of the most misunderstood and misjudged plant in our planet.  It often raises confusion and draws pictures depicting taboo.  But, what is hemp in an unbiased definition?  What does the world of science say about this plant sentenced to be unheard by some people who have chosen the side of benightedness? […]