Commonly Asked HempStore Questions

Q: Why use hemp?Hemp seeds

A: Hemp is an extremely versatile crop and has an impressive 25,000 know uses.  It can be grown in most regions of the world, requires little to moderate watering when growing and will mature in just 90 days. By choosing Hemp you are choosing to support a sustainable world through the use of sustainable products, not to mention the benefits Hemp can have for you.

Q: What’s the deal with shipping?

A: If your order is received before 2pm, we can get your order out the same day. We use only registered post and will always provide you with a prompt secure service. You also will be refunded any excess postage that is charged at the checkout and we always use recycled packaging where possible.

Q: Do any of your products contain THC that will make me ‘high’?

A: Contrary to popular myth and misinformation, Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Protein Powders contain less than 0.3% THC will cannot cause any psychoactive effects.

Q: What is the current Australian legislation regarding the sale of Hemp Seed products as a consumable human food?

A: Australia is currently reviewing legislation regarding Hemp Seed products as a human food. FZANZ (Food Standards Aust. & New Zealand) have deemed it to be a safe and beneficial, nutrient rich food. However it’s now up to our politicians to bring change to the legislation and remove the ban so we can have a open hemp foods market.

Q: When will the sale of Hemp Foods be legalised?

A: European and Canadian laws have long been modified to allow the consumption of hemp foods, and as the last standing Westernised country to withhold this product, it is hoped Australia will soon follow suit.

Q: Will I be arrested for consuming any Hemp Seed products?

A: Current legislation prohibits the sale of hemp foods for consumption in Australia, however many shops and online stores are now selling hemp seed products. Hemp seed products can be sold, but not for human consumption. It is not however, against the law for people to consume hemp seed products.

Q: Are there any Australian grown Shelled Hemp Seed or Hemp Protein Powders available?

A: No! Currently there are no Australian companies producing Australian grown Shelled Hemp Seed or Hemp Protein Powders. If the product does not clearly label the country of origin of the Hemp Seed used then make sure you call the company to ask where the product comes from as there has been a flood of Chinese hemp seed into the Australian market. 

Q: What is the country of origin of Shelled Hemp Seed sold in Australia?

A: All of the shelled hemp seed currently available in Australia is coming from either Canada, Europe or China. Europe does not currently grow enough hemp seed for its own use, so they rely on imported hemp seed from China to meet the demand. At the Hemp Store, we recommend and sell, only Canadian Grown Shelled Hemp Seed. We believe that Canada produces the creamiest, cleanest and most nutritious hemp seed available. They are, without doubt, the leaders in hemp food technology. Please do be careful of cheap Chinese Hemp Seed labelled as a premium product. Always make sure that the seed you purchase clearly has the country of origin labelled on it.

Q: Are there Australian farms growing hemp? If so, what is this hemp used for?

A: There are hemp farms in Tasmania and Victoria growing hemp seed, used for the production of Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Meal. There are also hemp farms up and down the East and West Coast of Australia growing hemp for building purposes, animal bedding,  and for research.


Q: Does hemp oil cure cancer?

A: While Hemp Oil is good for you and will definitely improve one’s health, it is not the same Hemp Oil (Phoenix Tears) mentioned on lots of websites and news stories currently circulating about the shrinking of tumour/cancer growth. This product is made from the high THC variety of Cannabis and is wrongly promoted as Hemp Oil. It should perhaps be called Cannabis Oil. It’s use and sale is unfortunately prohibited in Australia.

Q: How can I support the Australian Hemp Industry?

A: The best thing you can do is to join a Hemp Association in your state. This will help them spread the word about hemp and keep the industry growing. Talk to your friends about hemp, buy hemp products and let everyone know about your hemp products and how good they are and/or how they have helped you.

We are proud members of the Queensland, Tasmanian, Victorian and New South Wales Industrial Hemp Associations.

If you have any hemp related questions you would like answered or would like to share your hemp experience, feel free to contact us any time on (02) 4344 2300.


  1. gday guys, i love your oil and have recomended it to my mate and now he loves it too.
    i told my friend in scotland and he asked me do u ship overseas?
    please let me know and u might justther happy customer.

    • Hemp Store says:

      Hi Dusty,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re glad you love our oil and are spreading the word.
      We often send our products overseas but it is important to contact us first so that we can arrange a quote for shipping.
      We can also recommend similar products from our partners around the globe to save on shipping if that helps too.

      HempStore Team

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