Hemp Seeds – Packed with Goodness

Hemp Seeds – Packed with Goodness

Hemp Seeds are one of the most nutritious and complete sources of food. Package full of protein, fiber, essential oil and vitamins and essential nutrients. 

Top 11 Celebrity Hemp Endorsements

Ok, here it is.. my long awaited “Top 11 Hemp-lebrities” #11. Lesser known Canadian figure skating champ Patrick Chan talks about his breakfast of champions which naturally includes Hemp Seeds – Jan 2012 – See more…. #10. American vegan and Tour de France rider David Zabriskie makes history by becoming the only vegan to ride the gruelling cycling race. His secret?? A […]

Hemp Store Happenings…..

Happy days here at the Hemp Store. Our retail shop is bursting at the seams with the arrival of all our summer clothing and heaps of fair trade goodies.. just in time for Christmas. We are also super pumped to have received fresh stocks of beautiful Organic Canadian Shelled Hemp Seeds. We would like to thank all of […]

Hemp Bags – View All

Hemp Bags

Hemp Bags

We stock a large range of quality Hemp Bags which are tough, durable and look great.

Hemp – Happy Clothing

HAPPY CLOTHING When we look at what we wear and what we feel when we wear it, natural fibres tend come out trumps every time. Natural fibres tend to sit well, breath well and look good. Many people wear natural fibres primarily for ethical or ecological reasons, but there are also health reasons for wearing only natural fibres […]

Seeds of Change

I’ve written here before regarding the wonderful benefits of Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds and the fact that we are the only western country in the world that does not allow their consumption. Well…. the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) released their consultation paper recently on LOW THC Hemp as a Food, and […]

Hemp Fashion is on the Rise

If you had asked me 20 years ago, what the word Eco meant, I probably would have given you a blank look and then shrugged my shoulders. I thought hemp was a drug, household recycling was contained to the compost bin and the biggest worry to the environment was the CFC’s from aerosol cans. Now […]

Understanding The Misunderstood: Learning The Long List Of Benefits From Hemp

Hemp is a plant that has been used for thousands of years. It is just a sad fact that we have abandoned it to idleness for so many years, discarding the benefits we could have enjoyed a long time ago. For centuries, the great minds have talked about this wonder plant trying to make us […]

Hemp: The Great Potential From Health To Business

Hemp is indeed one of the most misunderstood and misjudged plant in our planet.  It often raises confusion and draws pictures depicting taboo.  But, what is hemp in an unbiased definition?  What does the world of science say about this plant sentenced to be unheard by some people who have chosen the side of benightedness? […]