Harvey’s Hemp Mylk

Harvey’s Hemp Mylk

  Get creative with your milk source. In our family we are passionate about all things health, which lucky for us includes our favourite nutritious seed. Hemp seeds and leaves can be used in so many ways from Hemp teas, to Hemp Cheese. We love how creative we can get in our kitchen with the simple […]

Hemp Foods legislation is rejected again!

Hemp Foods legislation is rejected again!

It is with great frustration and disappointment that yet again the Australian health ministers have voted AGAINST changing the legislation that prohibits Australian retailers selling Hemp Foods as a consumable human food.

Cool Trivia About Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is quite a popular material these days; promoted as the eco-friendlier alternative to paper made from trees, more and more people are making the switch to it — that would be their bit to help ailing Mother Nature. But aside from that, hemp paper has always been a star product – long before […]

Hemp Farming – The return of a sustainable industry to NSW

In February I headed to Bellingen on the Mid North Coast of NSW to meet with Steve and Sonya from Hemp Creative Bellingen, to check out their Hemp Farming Project. Whilst there I was invited to come back and join them for their harvest in the coming month. Loving Hemp as I do, I of course accepted […]

Amp Up Your Training With Hemp Protein Powder

If you have made going to the gym one of your resolutions for 2014, perhaps to bulk up, lose some weight or simply to look better, it is crucial to know that the body you are looking to achieve is made both in the gym and the kitchen — or, if you really want to […]

A Versatile Superfood – The Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Over the past few years, quite a number of seeds have been dubbed as superfoods for the wide range of benefits they offer, most notable of which are flax and chia seeds. Another type of seed that has been consumed since ancient times by various civilisations and which has regained prominence is the hemp seed […]

A Toast To Hemp Milk And Its Benefits

Hemp milk or hemp beverage is one of the many beneficial products derived from the industrial plant. Consumers can make their own hemp beverage by blending water and shelled hemp seeds until the concoction reaches the consistency of skimmed milk. Alternatively, there are ready-to-drink products available in the market which come in a variety of […]

The Many Amazing Uses Of Hemp Fibre

The Many Amazing Uses Of Hemp Fibre

Hemp is so versatile that it has around 25,000 known uses. In 5th century China, hemp was used as an early form of paper, and it was also used to make ropes and clothes. In medieval Italy and Germany, people used hemp for making delicious and nutritious pies and soups. During World War II, the […]

Hemp Clothing – Fashion’s Future – Stylish And Sustainable

Few things you might want to know about the hemp plant. One, it’s been used for thousands of years for oil, food, fabric, and more. Two, it contains all the essential fatty acids and amino acids your body will need. Three, it doesn’t have the active chemicals (i.e., it’s low in THC) that will cause […]

What Skin Benefits Can You Get From Quality Hemp Oil?

While many people would commonly use lotions and body oils produced by popular commercial brands to get the skin care benefits they need, a growing population is learning about an equally beneficial alternative: hemp seed oil. Pressed from whole hemp seeds (produced by the Cannabis sativa plant), this oil has not only been found to […]